ICT Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer


Our Scientific Works

Thanks to our commitment in the world of scientific research, we are the authors of numerous scientific publications of international importance

Main topic
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Web 2.0
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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Environmental Monitoring
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R&D Projects

We work in numerous research and experimental development projects, whether they are recipients of public funding or privately commissioned


Project aimed at assessing environmental risk. Our target was to define a semantic risk perception evaluation system starting from the intelligent analysis of social media posts

Client: Omnitech Srl

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The goal of the project was the prototyping of an innovative Smart Office Management system. The idea is based on the definition of a product capable of detecting the air quality in a working environment, the temperature, the number of people present, the quality of the air outside so as to implement actions to ensure a constant level of comfort (lights, air conditioner, windows...).

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The project aimed at defining an innovative integrated system for continuous monitoring of the quality of urban and industrial wastewater. We took care of the design and construction of VpEN, an innovative sensor for real-time monitoring of substances in the liquid phase through a process of thermostating and pressurizing the liquid under analysis.

Client: Omnitech Srl


The project was aimed at creating a document management system that was multi-company, participatory and equipped with semantic systems for indexing and searching company documentation


Creation of a social network data analysis system applied to digital marketing and knowledge extraction, and in particular: the implementation and integration of semantically contextual spiders and parsers applicable to highly unstructured environments such as those of social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)

Client: QUBI R&D Srl


The project was aimed at the creation of an innovative enabling kit capable of enabling even previous generation electronic sensors or stand-alone sensors to work in IoT mode.

Customer: Grafema Srl


The project aimed at the development of advanced environmental monitoring systems in IoT key. The topic of cybersecurity related to data exchange and the management of the large amounts of data produced by the acquisition campaigns was addressed

Immagine 2023-06-01 192438

PugliaTremor is a hydrogeological risk monitoring system, which uses the new partnership dynamics of the European Living Labs Laboratories. In the project we worked on creating a system for semantic disambiguation and automatic classification of hydrogeological risk reports received from citizens

Client: Dyrecta Srl


The project was aimed at the creation of a semantic disambiguator applied to the context of the first level help-desk and aimed at reducing the interventions of second level operators

Customer: Dyrecta Srl


The project oversaw the development of a prototype system based on the Multi Agent System model aimed at assessing the level of environmental well-being of a set of university classrooms in order to optimize the energy loads aimed at cooling them while still guaranteeing a high level of comfort for the occupants

Customer: Dyrecta Srl


SWARM-NET is a project aimed at the efficient use of water. myHermes was involved in the development of prototypes such as: counter with intelligent antifreeze functions, hydraulic micro-generator for sensor power supply, real-time monitoring of drinking water quality

Client: Omnitech Srl


The project took care of the integration of innovative methods in order to define new advanced communication interfaces and new intelligent techniques for data analysis in the field of hotel booking

Customer: Omnigest Srl


The Si'Matt project was aimed at developing an innovative system for promoting cultural activities in the Apulian territory. myHermes has taken care of creating an intelligent Auction Based user preference profiling system

Customer: Omnitech Srl

wellcast project

The WELLCAST project is aimed at developing a prototype platform based on human-machine dialogue and on the analysis of interactions between users and the available welfare offers. The platform, integrating artificial intelligence algorithms, establishes a dialogue in natural language to guide the user to the most appropriate choice for him among the available welfare offers

Customer: mySarma Srl

GAMI Project

The GAMIC project aims to create a prototype system for monitoring the training status and correlation with the performance of non-professional athletes. The prototype system is tested on a basketball team

Customer: AGON Srl