AQI Electronic Monitoring Systems

We have been working in the field of electronic environmental monitoring for over ten years. In particular, we deal with both the design and prototyping of complex monitoring units.

We have dealt with monitoring AQI, radon gas, specific pollutants. We are also specialized in the design of acquisition and data processing platforms relating to acquisition campaigns.

We produce the M-DUST sensor. M-DUST is an innovative low cost & portable particle sensor. M-DUST has a wide range of applications:
- Air quality monitoring
- Industrial PM analysis
- Domestic smoke analysis
- Portable particulate detection
- Dust mite analysis
M-DUST detects the concentration per unit volume of PM10 or PM2.5 particles. It works with a detection method based on light scattered principle similar to the traditional dust counter. The system has an external Conical Inhalable Sampling Head. The PUF is a series of filters for use in the Conical Inhalable Sampler. The Conical Inhalable Sampler contains single foam inserts (PUF filters), which enables the sampler to be used for PM2.5 and PM10 sampling. M-DUST integrates a mini vacuum pump to produce the filtered airflow

We have created OfficIoT, a sensor that can be positioned on office workstations and capable of monitoring the quality of the working conditions of each operator (light, AQI, particulate matter, humidity, temperature, etc.)

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