Intelligent Information Retrieval

We have been specializing in developing enterprise information systems with semantic document indexing and intelligent search capabilities for many years.
In particular, we have created numerous customized systems for semantic indexing and search, adapting to specific contextual domains, including:
- Technical and IT support domain
- Hydrogeological disaster and weather alert domain
- COVID-19 related health emergency domain
- Web marketing domain applied to social networks

Based on these experiences, we have developed and commercialized SharInK - Sharing Innovation & Knowledge.
SharInK is an innovative information system dedicated to knowledge management and comes with several distinct features:
- Semantic document indexing and search system
- Integration of multi-company knowledge sharing (with appropriate authorization)
- APIs for integrating the document management system with the existing management systems used by client companies
- Ability to grant access to parts of the company's knowledge to external partners (e.g., tax consultants, legal advisors)

The architecture of SharInK is based on two integrated components:
- Global DMS: This component facilitates interoperability among different corporate entities. The integration functions provided by SharInK can be categorized into detailed macro-categories, which are then reflected in various interfaces for managing information connected to document governance.
- Local DMS: This software enables the digital archiving of documents and is dedicated to the document governance of each individual company..